Goal Five

Collect and organize data to create data bases in order to systematically and effectively assess progress and align or re-align programs to achieve diversity goals.


Immediate Tactics

5.1inprogress 5.1inprogress 1 Conduct Diversity Campus Climate Surveys in years one and five of the Diversity Strategic Plan. Data from these surveys will be used as part of ongoing efforts to review progress in campus diversity efforts.
5.2inprogress 5.2inprogress 2 Assess all campus policies and procedures involving gender violence, including violence based on sexual orientation.
5.3inprogress 5.3inprogress 3 Assess campus policies and procedures to determine whether they demonstrate institutional acceptance of, and commitment to LGBTQQAI faculty, staff, and students.
5.4noprogress 5.4noprogress 4 Engage a compensation consultant to conduct comparative study of staff salaries, including peer institutions, and public and private sector jobs in tri-county area; and equity for women and AALANA3 staff employees at the College.
5.5noprogress 5.5noprogress 5 Assess and report on the status of women, minority, and other underrepresented groups at the senior administrative level.

Continuing Tactics

5.6completed 5.6completed 6 Produce first annual Diversity Score Card (DSC).
5.7noprogress 5.7noprogress 7 Begin assessing the overall needs of faculty, staff, and students with disabilities and make recommendations for meeting those needs.
5.8noprogress 5.8noprogress 8 Assess the effectiveness of existing outreach programs targeted at women, minority, and other underrepresented groups.
5.9inprogress 5.9inprogress 9 Develop a comprehensive system for tracking the recruitment and retention rates for faculty and staff, with special emphasis on women and minority groups.
5.10inprogress 5.10inprogress 10 Establish a process for receiving requests for institutional diversity data and generating reports for appropriate units and other College stakeholders.
5.11inprogress 5.11inprogress 11 Assess and report on the status of minority and other underrepresented groups in each academic and non-academic unit.
5.12noprogress 5.12noprogress 12 Form an Assessment Task Force to periodically evaluate progress in institutional diversity at College.
5.13noprogress 5.13noprogress 13 Conduct student, faculty, and staff focus groups to assess the campus diversity climate.
5.14noprogress 5.14noprogress 14 Publish an inventory of diversity-related events, offices, programs, out-reach programs, and groups within the College.
5.15noprogress 5.15noprogress 15 In cooperation with the Commission and relevant campus offices, assess the effectiveness of student recruitment, advising system, mentoring, and other support services serving minority and international students.
5.16inprogress 5.16inprogress 16 Assess student recruitment efforts with attention to the College's demonstration of institutional acceptance of, and commitment to LGBTQQAI students.
5.17inprogress 5.17inprogress 17 Assess the success of the College’s Modification of Duties procedures.