Goal Four

Infuse diversity into the curriculum.


Immediate Tactics

4.1inprogress 4.1inprogress 1 Increase resources for curriculum support and development relevant to diversity.
4.2inprogress 4.2inprogress 2 Establish a major in African American Studies.
  3 Double the College's number of international students in five years.
4.4noprogress 4.4noprogress 4 Expand study abroad opportunities, with special emphasis on the participation of minorities.
4.5inprogress 4.5inprogress 5 Develop Living and Learning Communities for the First-Year Experience that appeal to minority students.
4.6inprogress 4.6inprogress 6 Establish Comprehensive support services for all international students at the College.
4.7completed 4.7completed 7 Incorporate discussions of the College's commitment to diversity, including diversity in the curriculum, into new faculty orientation.
4.8inprogress 4.8inprogress 8 Create and publish comprehensive directory of all faculty development opportunities related to diversity.

Continuing Tactics

4.9inprogress 4.9inprogress 9 Establish and publish an annual inventory of courses that contain or reflect the many contributions of scholars from different cultural,ethnic, racial, and other diverse backgrounds.
4.10inprogress 4.10inprogress 10 Strengthen existing academic programs promoting diversity.
4.11noprogress 4.11noprogress 11 Provide immigration and visa assistance to international faculty and spouses/partners and visiting scholars.
4.12inprogress 4.12inprogress 12 Assess the first cohort participating in the English Language Institute and, based on that assessment, make appropriate recommendations to the Provost.
4.13inprogress 4.13inprogress 13 Incorporate diversity in the mission of College Reads and Convocation.
4.14inprogress 4.14inprogress 14 Strengthen and expand Civic Engagement Programs to include diversity activities.
4.15completed 4.15completed 15 Establish an ESOL (English as a Second Language) program for international students.
4.16noprogress 4.16noprogress 16 Create faculty positions with significant community engagement responsibilities or expectations.