Goal Three

Create a supportive environment that is diverse, inclusive, and welcoming to all.


Immediate Tactics

3.1inprogress 3.1inprogress 1 Increase the public promotion of diversity by the College's senior leadership.
3.2inprogress 3.2inprogress 2 Train faculty in best practices for the inclusive, multicultural classroom and assess the effectiveness of this training.
3.3noprogress 3.3noprogress 3 Expand financial resources for disability services.
3.4inprogress 3.4inprogress 4 At the President’s direction, and in consultation with the Chief Diversity Officer, appoint Divisional Diversity Liaisons for each of the divisions and schools of the College. Each liaison will help foster a culture of collective responsibility for the advancement of diversity within each division and school, consistent with the goals contained in the Diversity Strategic Plan.
3.5inprogress 3.5inprogress 5 Work with the existing student task force to develop a plan for a Gender Equity
3.6noprogress 3.6noprogress 6 Develop and implement a diversity component for the College's new staff employee orientation.
3.7noprogress 3.7noprogress 7 Develop and implement programs and services for the cultivation of intercultural competencies among all students.

Continuing Tactics

3.8inprogress 3.8inprogress 8 Implement required regular diversity training for faculty and take appropriate steps to assess the effectiveness of this training.
3.9noprogress 3.9noprogress 9 Study the effectiveness of the College's current "Resource Coordinator" process and make appropriate recommendations for further action.
3.10inprogress 3.10inprogress 10 Study the effectiveness of current College promotional materials and marketing campaigns, including campus tours, campus publications (such as Portico and The College of Charleston Magazine) for promoting diversity and improving the public image of the university among minority communities. Review the College’s use of advertising in minority media.
3.11completed 3.11completed 11 Develop and incorporate an all-inclusive diversity component into the College’s general orientation of new students.
3.12noprogress 3.12noprogress 12 Establish a specialized, mandatory diversity training program for academic department chairs and deans.
3.13inprogress 3.13inprogress 13 Recognize, in merit evaluations, evidence of “inclusive classroom” practices, such as incorporating into a curriculum the contributions made by diverse persons in a particular discipline.
3.14inprogress 3.14inprogress 14 Encourage academic departments and other offices on campus to address diversity activities in their annual reports.
3.15noprogress 3.15noprogress 15 Identify the officers of student organizations and train them on diversity-related content to promote an inclusive campus climate.
3.16inprogress 3.16inprogress 16 Design and implement a "diversity associates" program and facilitate inter-group student dialogue sessions, including train-the-trainer curricula and campus-wide student dialogue sessions.
3.17noprogress 3.17noprogress 17 Design customized department-specific staff diversity related training for offices on campus to improve the cultural climate.
3.18noprogress 3.18noprogress 18 Design educational discussions series in the Diversity Education and Resource Center (DERC) for staff, faculty, and students on diversity-related issues.
3.19noprogress 3.19noprogress 19 Educate the College community about the existence of the current “Resource Coordinators” program and clarify procedures.
3.20noprogress 3.20noprogress 20 Demonstrate the College’s commitment to diversity through intentional inclusion of a diversity statement in all appropriate College print and electronic media and public speeches.
3.21noprogress 3.21noprogress 21 As appropriate, develop strategies for promoting partnerships with minority and women-owned businesses in College procurements.
3.22noprogress 3.21noprogress 22 Assess the need for a comprehensive Community Outreach Center that would promote and advance diversity outreach activities among faculty and staff.
3.23inprogress 3.23inprogress 23 Implement recommendations from a formal report on policies and procedures dealing with gender violence, including violence based on sexual orientation.
3.24inprogress 3.24inprogress 24 Address identified gaps in institutional policies and procedures regarding our community’s acceptance of and commitment to LGBTQQAI faculty, staff, and students.
3.25noprogress 3.25noprogress 25 Expand testing space to meet the testing needs of students with disabilities.
3.26noprogress 3.26noprogress 26 Implement recommendations of an assessment report on the College’s Modification of Duties procedures.
3.27noprogress 3.27noprogress 27 Under the leadership of the Office of Academic Affairs, host appropriate forums relevant to diversity outreach programs for faculty.
3.28noprogress 3.28noprogress 28 Study partnerships with area universities and other area institutions (e.g., Trident Tech, MUSC, Charleston County Schools) to establish a child care center that is open early, closes late, and caters to the diverse needs of all faculty and staff.
3.29noprogress 3.29noprogress 29 Begin implementing recommendations regarding accessibility issues for transgender and intersex students.