Goal Two

Recruit and retain greater numbers of women and minorities into faculty, staff and administrative positions (including deans, chairs, and vice presidents).


Immediate Tactics

2.1inprogress 2.1inprogress 1 Expand the faculty for the African American Studies Program.
2.2inprogress 2.2inprogress 2 Pursue strategies designed to increase the number of job applications from women, minorities, and other persons from other underrepresented groups, while maintaining records that will allow for the assessment of these strategies.
2.3noprogress 2.3noprogress 3 Maintain support of all efforts to continue past accomplishments in diversifying senior leadership at the College.
2.4noprogress 2.4noprogress 4 Develop clearly defined, streamlined recruitment guidelines across the College.  Those guidelines should be tied to specific diversity goals for each school.

Continuing Tactics

2.5noprogress 2.5noprogress 5 In each school, develop a plan for recruiting minority and female faculty where statistically significant disparities are noted.
2.6noprogress 2.6noprogress 6 For each of the five divisions of the College, develop and implement individual diversity plans supporting Goal 2 of the Diversity Strategic Plan.
2.7noprogress 2.7noprogress 7 Develop a list of “frequently asked questions” and a revised application form for the College’s Modification of Duties (MOD) procedure.
2.8noprogress 2.8noprogress 8 Prepare and publish a staff manual.
2.9noprogress 2.9noprogress 9 Require that all staff supervisors conduct planning sessions and performance reviews with their direct reports.
2.10inprogress 2.10inprogress 10 Conduct a review of all temporary staff positions and continue the process of systematically moving many of those positions to permanent status.
2.11noprogress 2.11noprogress 11 Provide a packet of informational materials for job candidates that provide useful background information about Charleston (e.g., schools, churches, festivals, neighborhoods).
2.12inprogress 2.12inprogress 12 Add support for the recruitment of faculty from underrepresented groups to the job duties of associate deans.
2.13noprogress 2.13noprogress 13 Establish a central employment information clearinghouse to provide assistance to faculty spouses/partners on employment opportunities.
2.14noprogress 2.14noprogress 14 Develop a formal framework within each school for minority faculty recruitment at appropriate national conferences, including national conferences for ethnic, racial, and gender-specific studies.
2.15noprogress 2.15noprogress 15 Develop and implement effective professional development programs to enhance the career advancement of diverse staff.
2.16inprogress 2.16inprogress 16 Require diversity recruitment training for all search committee chairs.
2.17inprogress 2.17inprogress 17 Require diversity recruitment training for all supervisors hiring personnel.
2.18noprogress 2.18noprogress 18 Institute a “diversity scholars” lecture series to bring to campus diverse untenured faculty/ABDs (“all but dissertation”) to speak about their research.
2.19inprogress 2.19inprogress 19 Develop a comprehensive plan that will demonstrate College’s commitment to diversity at the senior level; require searches,including those conducted by search firms, to include qualified minority and female candidates in hiring pools.
2.20inprogress 2.20inprogress 20 Develop a comprehensive, equitable, and competitive compensation plan for all staff.
2.21inprogress 2.21inprogress 21 Remedy any deficiencies in College policies and procedures regarding acceptance of and commitment to LGBTQQAI faculty, staff, and students that are discovered in the assessment of these policies and procedures.
2.22noprogress 2.22noprogress 22 Establish a faculty exchange program with Ph.D.-granting institutions, with special focus on HBCUs and Hispanic-Producing Institutions.
2.23noprogress 2.23noprogress 23 Establish targeted scholarships for junior and senior undergraduate students from appropriate underrepresented groups on campus and offer financial support to such students who are planning to pursue doctoral studies.
2.24noprogress 2.24noprogress 24 Establish an incentive and reward system for departments and divisions that model effective recruitment from underrepresented groups.
2.25noprogress 2.25noprogress 25 Support faculty diversity by establishing a “Grow Your Own” scholarship program for College of Charleston students planning to pursue doctoral studies; such students would be required to return to the College to teach for a minimum of two years.