Goal One

Recruit, retain and graduate greater numbers of qualified minority, first generation and international students.


Immediate Tactics

1.1inprogress 1.1inprogress 1 Fund scholarships in support of recruiting and retaining a more diverse student body.
1.2inprogress 1.2inprogress 2 Improve and expand pre-College programs, such as senior project.
1.3noprogress 1.3noprogress 3 Create an international residence house or an international residence floor in an existing residence hall.
1.4inprogress 1.4inprogress 4 With coordination involving all appropriate campus offices, continue to improve marketing of the college to minorities.

Continuing Tactics

1.5inprogress 1.5inprogress 5 Research and establish best practices for assisting first-year students from underrepresented groups who are not academically prepared for entry-level course offerings, especially in the areas of math and foreign languages.
1.6inprogress 1.6inprogress 6 Create a Columbia-area-based, full-time salaried assistant director of admissions primarily for minority recruitment.
1.7inprogress 1.7inprogress 7 Establish a comprehensive culturally conducive academic support program for minority students, including the expansion of existing tutorial and mentoring services for minority students in biology, chemistry, mathematics, and languages.
1.8noprogress 1.8noprogress 8 Index all current and future diversity scholarships to any increase in tuition.
1.9inprogress 1.9inprogress 9 Establish, foster, and maintain an educational and social environment conducive to student learning, academic achievement, social interaction, and connectedness that fosters retention and persistence through graduation.
1.10inprogress 1.10inprogress 10 Develop effective communication strategies to increase the yield of minority student enrollees from our pools of accepted applications.
1.11inprogress 1.11inprogress 11 Reassess the use of mathematics and language placement examinations and make recommendations so that such exams do not have undesired effects with respect to the placement of students from underrepresented groups.
1.12inprogress 1.12inprogress 12 Develop formal mechanisms for involving faculty in the recruitment process for underrepresented students.
1.13inprogress 1.13inprogress 13 Expand the current school of languages, cultures and world affairs’ world cultures fair to an “international festival of world cultures” (or a similar event) to promote diverse cultures at the college of charleston.
1.14inprogress 1.14inprogress 14 Develop and implement a recruitment marketing plan for attracting significant numbers of regular degree-seeking international students to the College.
1.15noprogress 1.15noprogress 15 Develop a village mentoring program.
1.16noprogress 1.16noprogress 16 Develop formal minority recruitment traditional bridge programs in collaboration with local school guidance counselors.
1.17inprogress 1.17inprogress 17 Develop community workshops to familiarize the parents of high school students with college prep opportunities and the process of applying for college.
1.18inprogress 1.18inprogress 18 Create enhanced institutionalized mechanisms for following up with applicants from underrepresented groups at all stages of application process, from initial interest to commitment.
1.19inprogress 1.19inprogress 19 Assure that all recruitment and marketing materials intentionally include appropriate diversity representation.
1.20noprogress 1.20noprogress 20 Create and expand existing programs that facilitate the transition of students from high school to college, including but not limited to the transition to the first year of college; the transition from undecided status to declaring a major; the transition from the sophomore year to the junior year; and from  graduation to career, with special emphasis on minority students.
1.21inprogress 1.21inprogress 21 Regularly gather and analyze relevant data to identify factors that put minority students at risk of leaving college, especially during their first year of College.